Pre-Operative ACL Rehab

Physical therapy for an ACL tear before your surgery can significantly improve your recovery post-operation

While it may not seem obvious, studies have shown that people who undergo physical therapy immediately after your ACL tear and before your surgery recover much faster and better in their post-operative rehabilitation. This concept of doing physical therapy in preparation of your surgery is referred to as ‘Prehab’.

What are the main goals of Prehab?

1. Minimise pain and swelling

2. Restore knee range of motion

3. Restore quadriceps muscle activation

4. Mentally prepare the patient for the long recovery process

All of these goals can help to improve the post-operative results so that the patient returns to sports quicker. In addition, as ACL rehab is a long and often tiring process, it is important that the patient and physical therapist have a positive relationship. Starting before surgery allows the patient and physical therapist develop a positive rapport and understand each other better, which can make for a much smoother and enjoyable post-operative ACL rehabilitation journey.

Did you just tear your ACL? Are you considering surgery? Come meet our team of experts to start your prehab and significantly improve your ACL rehabilitation process.

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