Back Pain

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In fact, according to the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) in 2010, lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide!

Back pain can be caused for a variety of reasons. You can strain your muscles, sprain a ligament, rupture your disks, or get into an accident. With today’s lifestyle, a lot of back pain can also be triggered because of poor posture, obesity, and stress.

Neverthess, there is a way out of back pain and it is not complicated. With the right combination of treatment, whether it is spinal manipulation, physiotherapy, posture correction, or exercise, a lot of the pain can be reduced if not completely gone. What is unlikely to help is a back massage from a nearby Thai massage parlour and despite having the right intentions, doing yoga and stretching without assessing and thoroughly diagnosing the pain can potentially aggravate the pain even more.

Our physiotherapists are highly qualified and will work closely with you to understand your pain. Once we have a clear picture of the what and the why, we’ll work extra hard to get rid of your pain so you can live a pain free life.

"I have had back pain for 3 years now. This has caused a lot of difficulties for me in performing my basic day to day tasks like bending to tie my shoe laces and pick up stuff from the ground and sitting for long hours at work makes it difficult for me to stand up. After coming to form physio for a month my condition has gotten drastically better. I could perform a lot of those task with ease now. The treatment not only alleviate pain but also made my back stronger."

Ravi K

Back Pain

"My lower back was hurting me for almost 2 years. I tried many things: pain killer, chiropractor, and massages, yet nothing helped. I tried getting help from Form Physio and Rehab for about 3 months and now I''m back exercising again. Highly recommended. I thought physio is about massage, this place makes me exercise to strengthen my weak muscles."

Karn Kongsawat

Back Pain (Lumbar Stenosis)

Suffering from back pain? Let us help you.

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