Case Study: ACL and Meniscus Physiotherapy Treatment

Case Study: ACL and Meniscus Physiotherapy Treatment

Client Name: Neeraj

Age: 25 years (As of August 2017)

Height: 180 cm

Condition: Post surgery rehabilitation for torn ACL and Meniscus

Assessment & Observations:

  1. Noticeably loose patella on left side
  2. Client had visibly less muscle mass but normal muscle tone on left quadricep and hamstrings
  3. Client used right leg predominantly for every movement and balance
  4. Left leg had less flexibility and strength and uneven weight bearing was causing imbalance in clients posture
  5. Lumber hyperlordorsis

Program Duration: Ideally 8 weeks but we were only able to complete 4 weeks because client had to leave the country to attend University

Training Objective:

  1. Gain better balance, strength and mobility for affected knee.
  2. Add more muscle mass on clients right quadricep and hamstrings which suffered atrophy after the surgery

Program & Outcome:

The physiotherapist and trainer worked together to program a workout that focused on improving the clients balance and mobility during the first two weeks and added more strength based exercises in the later phase of the program. During the first week, we noticed significant improvement on the clients balance and mobility.

Towards the end of the 4 weeks program, we also noticed better muscle tone on hamstring and quads of the right leg and the client stated he stopped feeling the patella bone being loose on the same side. Client performed better than projected for the whole duration of training.

While the client did require at least 8 weeks of rehabilitation training to in order to achieve optimal performance and strength on affected area; the 4 weeks program was very beneficial for the client and achieved it’s expected goal.


“I’ve suffered from knee problems due to my reconstructive surgery of a torn ACL and meniscus two summers back. After getting my legs thoroughly checked by the FORM physiotherapist, I decided to undergo personal physical therapy and training sessions on top of group classes to my routine. By signing up for personal sessions with Maz as my trainer, I had the opportunity to cater my workouts specifically to me in hopes of regaining equal balance as well as leg and core strength. Maz slowly increased both the intensity and creativity of exercises in each personal session, resulting in immediate improvements in my self-efficacy, posture, and ability to perform simple exercises. Regular physio check ups at FORM throughout my training would reaffirm these results too. Eventually, I returned to the football field and experienced a newfound sharpness, quality of performance, and confidence in my play.

In the end, I feel extremely privileged to not only have but also take the opportunity to make major strides in my rehabilitation and overall health goals, especially for someone like me who “lives to eat”. More than anything else, I can take a plethora of lessons from my memorable experiences at FORM in appropriately designing my exercises and shaping my diet now that I have returned abroad. I feel more motivated to continue on the same path that FORM has paved for me, and fully advocate for absolutely anybody who is looking to get stronger, fitter, and healthier. I appreciate all the help from the FORM team, and want to extend an extra special thanks to my new friend Maz for showing an undeniable passion and motivation to serve the needs of his community. A welcoming addition to a busy residential area in Bangkok, I am looking forward to returning to your clinic as soon as I return home!”

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