We help people in Bangkok aged 40+ become active and mobile and live free from painkillers, injections, and surgeries.

Form Physio and Rehab

What do we do?

We get rid of your pain and make you strong.

How do we do it?

A team of qualified physiotherapists and rehab trainers working together.

Why Form Physio and Rehab?

Because we're unique and we're committed to help you get better.

Why Form Physio and Rehab?

After years of helping people get rid of their pain, we realised that Bangkok is missing something.When you suffer from an injury or pain, you'll likely go to the hospital, chiropractor, or physiotherapy clinic. After a few sessions, you'll  feel better then try get back to your normal routine. Even if you do hire a personal trainer, they may not understand your injury and your post treatment workout adjustments. This disconnect and lack of communication between the physiotherapist and trainer is what leads to many relapses and what we see causes a lot of people getting injured again.

Sounds familiar?

This is why we built Form Physio and Rehab.
At Form Physio and Rehab, we have a team of Physiotherapist and Rehab Trainers who are always working together to help you get rid of your pain and strengthen your body and posture through exercise to make sure that you don't get injured again. In fact, we're the only place in Bangkok that does this.

The Usual Way

Step 1

You seek a physiotherapist/chiropractor/doctor to get rid of your pain.

Step 2

You start training. However, your personal trainer will not have access to your physiotherapist/chiropractor/doctor, rehab equipment, and does not know your post-treatment workout adjustments.

Step 3

You will likely to get injured again.

Step 4

Back to step 1..

The FORM Way

Step 1

You visit Form for an injury and pain assessment done with our team of specialists.

Step 2

Our physiotherapists and rehab trainers work together towards your full recovery.

Step 3

We provide a comprehensive follow up plan to minimise risk of re-injury.

Physical Therapy Rooms

Rehab Training Facilities

What is your pain?

Let us know and we can help you.

Back Pain

Lumbar Stenosis
Lumbar Disc Herniate
Lumbar spondylosis
Lower Back Pain

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Foot Pain

Ankle Sprain
Plantar Fasciitis
Achilles T
Hallux Valgus

Knee Pain

ACL tear or sprain
MCL tear or sprain
PCL tear or sprain
Meniscus tear
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Iliotibial Band Syndrome
Osteoarthritis Knee (OA Knee)

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Hip Pain

Piriformis Syndrome
Sacroiliac Joint Pain
Hip Pain

Neck Pain

Neck Muscle Strain
Cervical Spondylosis
Cervical Disc Herniate
Cervical Stenosis

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Elbow Pain

Tennis Elbow
Golfer Elbow
Ulnar Nerve Entrapment
Median Nerve Entrapment

Shoulder Pain

Brachial Plexus Injury
Shoulder Impingement
Frozen Shoulder
Rotator Cuff Tear
Biceps Tendinitis

Posture Correction and Office Syndrome

Forward Head Posture
Rounded Shoulders
Bowlegs and Knock-Knees
Flat Feet

Our Mission

To be the best physiotherapy clinic to get rid of your injuries and pains and stay pain-free


I have had back pain for 3 years now. This has caused a lot of difficulties for me in performing my basic day to day tasks like bending to tie my shoe laces and pick up stuff from the ground and sitting for long hours at work makes it difficult for me to stand up. After coming to form physio for a month my condition has gotten drastically better. I could perform a lot of those task with ease now. The treatment not only alleviate pain but also made my back stronger.

Ravi K

Back Pain

I have had It band issues, hip and back pain for years. This got so bad early this year that I had to completely stop running.

I have tried other physios previously that hasn't been able to help me, but then I met Khun Ked. A few months with her and I'm back running and have a lot less back pain in the office. It is getting better by the week and I now feel hope that I'm actually is going to become completely pain free.

Gustaf F

Hip Pain, Back Pain and IT Band Issues

I had an ACL and meniscus surgery and right after i went to physical therapy at Form Physio and Rehab. They put me on the fastest and most reliable route to recovery. The staff was amazing in being flexible with schedules and always were there for me. I am now back to playing sports at 100% again. Thanks to Form Physio and Rehab and the team."

Kane K

Post-Op ACL & Meniscus Injury

Ked was very helpful. When I first came after a sports injury, I couldn't put my full weight on my foot. After 4 or 5 weeks I am walking out able to return to rugby!

Marie T

Sports Injury

"A couple of months ago I was confronted with a serious neck pain and worried that I might have to go through a distressing surgery. Luckily, I met Rich Lee from Form Physio and Rehab who became my personal trainer. He exposed me to a whole new world of systematically building up and strengthening my muscles, particularly those I was not even aware of. Now I am pain free with greater mobility and posture. Rich guides me in a very systematic and at the same time relaxed and friendly manner. He has an excellent sense of how much he can encourage his clients and ow can combine exercises effecting different muscles. His knowledge about the purpose and effectiveness of exercise is remarkable and he knows how to anchor them with his clients. Working with Rich is fun, inspiring and entertaining. I am looking forward to learn more from him. I can wholeheartedly recommend Rich as an outstanding competent, stimulating and pleasant Personal Rehab Trainer."

Dr. Norbert

Neck Pain

The most qualified, skillful and professional

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What is an assessment?

An assessment is a chance for our team to get to know you and more specifically, your pain. Once we understand your pain, we will develop and propose our recommended recovery plan to help you get rid of your pain.

How much does the assessment cost?

Our physiotherapy assessments are completely free!

How long is an assessment?
Should I bring an X-Ray, MRI scan or other documents from the hospital?
Can I schedule a consultation for a family member or friend?

Request A Free Physio Assessment

Please call  095-083-4315 if urgent. Our team will ensure that you receive the best possible care.

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