Honest and fair pricing for everyone. No hidden fees.


No hidden fees. Pay one flat fee per session regardless of what equipment we use.




฿ 1200 Per Session


฿ 1600 Per Session


Many of our clients have been able to claim insurance from both local and international insurance companies for their physiotherapy treatment with us.

To begin with, you need to check with your insurance provider whether your current premium covers physiotherapy treatment, and how much. Once you get confirmation that it does, here is what you will generally need

1. A Medical Certificate from a Doctor clearly stating that you need physiotherapy treatment and the duration. You can either get this from your preferred Doctor or we have partnered with a nearby clinic, Prime Clinic, who can issue you a Medical Certificate from their Doctor. Contact us to schedule your appointment

2. Physiotherapy Note from us

3. Receipt for your Physiotherapy treatment from us

*There is a 500.- doctor’s fee to get the medical certificate from Prime Clinic.
*While our clients have had great success claiming insurance for their physiotherapy treatment, we are not able to guarantee coverage.


What is a physiotherpay assessment?

This is a chance for our physiotherapist to learn more about what pain you are experiencing and run a series of thorough tests to figure out the root cause of the pain. Once we have clarity, we’ll work together to develop a treatment plan that works for you.

Do you have any packages?

We do not offer any package prices. We encourage all our clients to pay one at a time but if you do want to pay for a few sessions at a time, you are welcome to do that.

Can i pay by credit card?

Yes we accept all major credit cards, both domestic and international, except for American Express.

how many sessions do you recommend I do to get rid of my pain?

We can only give you a recommendation once we’ve done the Assessment.

Are there any other extra charges?

No. Only the prices we’ve listed above. No hidden costs or fees.

Should I do 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes?

We recommend you come in for your free Assessment so that we can discuss the treatment plan that works for you.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Massimo Ingegno
Knee Pain
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I AM SO GRATEFUL ! I’ve been dragging an injury in my knee cap due to too much running for over 2 years. Within 4 sessions at Form Physio and Rehab the pain is completely gone, and I’m even able to slowly start to run again. The atmosphere is fantastic. My physiotherapist (Boss) is awesome. Very knowledgeable and always willing to answer my questions (which at many). If you need to fix your body and learn how to train properly, this is the place for you.
Kim Cruz
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I’ve had knee issues for the last 10 years ranging from a meniscus tear and tearing cartilage 3 times- I’ve mostly just lived with it but tried various physios in Bangkok.This is the best physio I’ve been to so far in Thailand. They took the time to assess my body and took the time to see which muscle imbalances were wreaking havoc in my body.What I like about this place is not just the emphasis on assessment but also the integration with exercise (the right way to do it). Other physios in Thailand emphasize massage and electrotherapy which is good, but only one part of the treatment- whereas this place is takes a more balanced approach.I trained with Ked- and she had good knowledge from assessment through to coming up with an exercise plan, as well as giving proper instruction for exercises to be carried out at home.On top of that their service is top notch and they check in regularly to make sure you aren’t experiencing pain throughout the week. Their exercise facility is top notch and has a range of equipment.Highly recommend this place for anyone with nagging pain and needs to get their body right.
Tom Horsfall
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I have found the staff at Form super professional and friendly. At no point have I been over sold treatment plans or sessions.My physio Boss is very knowledgeable constantly talking me through my injuries and the rehabilitation process.After trying a number of Bangkok based Physio's I would highly recommend Form.
Oliver Kdot
Oliver Kdot
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I injured my shoulder and contacted Form Physio and Rehab via Line. Very fast response time and very helpful. I had a house visit only a short time on the same day I got in contact and asked for help. Excellent service. Would highly recommend.

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