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A thorough Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Rehabilitation program can significantly reduce the risk of a second ACL injury

The ACL is the most commonly injured knee ligament. It is especially common amongst athletes who play sports where there is frequent cutting and jumping such as soccer. In fact, most ACL injuries are non-contact which means that it is not from getting hit by another player.

Using an ACL Rehabilitation Guide developed by leading ACL Rehab experts from Melbourne, our expert Physiotherapists and Rehab Trainers will work hand in hand to guide you through the 5 phases of recovery.

Phase 1 - Recovery from surgery

Phase 2 - Strength and neuromuscular control

Phase 3 - Running, Agility and Landings

Phase 4 - Return to Sport

Phase 5 - Prevention of Re-Injury

Unlike other physiotherapy clinics, our design of having physiotherapy rooms with licensed physiotherapists as well as a 100sqm fitness area provides the perfect facility for you to go from pain to pain-free and back in action.

In addition, by using an objective Return-To-Sport Testing, we will work with you to ensure that you minimise the risk of suffering a second ACL injury. The Return-To-Sport test is broken up into 6 components, all of which are put in place to make the decision of whether you are ready to return to sports as objective as possible. Those who successfully complete these tests are significantly less likely to suffer a second injury.

Did you already have ACL surgery? Do you need to do rehab so you can go back to playing sports?

Just did your ACL surgery? Let us help you get back to playing sports

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