Neck Pain

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Having neck pain can often trigger other related symptoms such as shoulder pain, numbness in the arm and hand, decreased range of motion in the neck and shoulder, weakness, headaches and migraines, loss of coordination and dizziness.

Why do so many people suffer from neck pain? One of the leading causes of neck pain is not surprisingly poor posture. Simply put, our body is originally designed so that the head is perfectly balanced on top of our vertebrae. If however, we assume unnatural and awkward positions for prolonged periods of time e.g. looking down on our computer and smart phone all day, the balance is disrupted and the nerves, muscles, joints, ligaments and discs in our neck become strained and irritated. Over time, this strain worsens and the pain becomes chronic. Aside from poor posture, neck pain can also be caused from arthritis, whiplash and other sporting injuries.

Fortunately, physiotherapy is a very safe and noninvasive way to get rid of your neck pain. Here at Form Physio and Rehab, we use the free assessment as a way to understand your pain. After the examination, we will recommend a clear treatment program that will help you get rid of your pain. Our treatment can include a combination of posture correction exercises, spinal mobilisation movements, massage, neck strengthening exercises and ice/hot therapy to manage the pain.

"A couple of months ago I was confronted with a serious neck pain and worried that I might have to go through a distressing surgery. Luckily, I met Rich Lee from Form Physio and Rehab who became my personal trainer. He exposed me to a whole new world of systematically building up and strengthening my muscles, particularly those I was not even aware of. Now I am pain free with greater mobility and posture. Rich guides me in a very systematic and at the same time relaxed and friendly manner. He has an excellent sense of how much he can encourage his clients and ow can combine exercises effecting different muscles. His knowledge about the purpose and effectiveness of exercise is remarkable and he knows how to anchor them with his clients. Working with Rich is fun, inspiring and entertaining. I am looking forward to learn more from him. I can wholeheartedly recommend Rich as an outstanding competent, stimulating and pleasant Personal Rehab Trainer.”

Dr. Norbert

Neck Pain

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